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RAD Ballet - Teaches basic posture, balance, expression and body control needed for all other styles of dance. Ballet is the basis for all dance forms starting from the age of 2.5 years we aim to encourage basic technique from an early age for students to progress through the Royal Academy of Dance grades. Adult Ballet Classes are also available.

IDTA Tap - Teaches basic rhythm and co-ordination from the age of 3, building up from simple steps to complex sequences and amalgamations. Tap encourages the correct use of musicality. Adult Tap Classes are also available

IDTA Jazz - Encompasses a broad range of dance styles emphasising the importance of performance. Jazz is energetic and fun consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.

IDTA Street - A commercial, funky and fun style of dance which showcases a dancer's individual style and originality.

Dance Fitness - A high energy fitness class, using international music with a fun and effective workout system utilising a variety of dance styles salsa, hip-hop, rock & roll, cumbia, merengue combined with basic aerobic steps.
Stretch and Tone - A full body workout which encourages long, lean and defined muscles. This class utilises basic dance techniques to create a challenging and enjoyable exercise regime.

DDMIX Darcey Bussell Dance Fitness - A dance fitness programme, with its own bespoke music. It is a diverse mix of 'flavours' of dance styles, formed into a dance workout starting with a warm-up leading to a selection of routines through to the warm-down, using every part of the body. The aim is to have fun whilst burning calories, stretching and strengthening the body and stimulating the mind with the mix of dance styles. DDMIX celebrates diversity, embracing the widest variety of dance styles and eras. Each genre is 2.5 minutes long, is broken down into simple steps and is individually choreographed. You need no dance experience to get the basic steps easily, but as the programme has lots of variety and some difficult elements, you won't ever get bored.

Movement to Music – Basic aerobic steps to music incorporating some simple dance movements focusing on balance, posture and strength.
All exercises can be done seated or standing.
This class utilises basic dance techniques to create an enjoyable rhythmical exercise class aimed at age 50+

Wedding First Dance Lessons - Private wedding dance classes scheduled to suit you. No Dance Experience Necessary ·

Dreams Dance Parties - Learning amazing routines to music, you can choose what tracks to dance to and the style of dance taught, have fun with friends whilst being active and put on a performance at the end if desired. All ages and abilities welcome toddlers, children, teens, adults.

Dreams Dance School is a recognised school around the three local county's. Registered International Dance Teachers Association School (IDTA) and Associate of Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).
The school prides itself on producing quality work, training its students to develop to the highest possible standard, whilst maintaining the FUN in dance, musical theatre.
Our classes encourage the development of dance and musical awareness, and help's to build confidence in a happy friendly environment. As well as being a great form of exercise, and performing in front of family and friends, students can enter graded examinations to ascertain their ability.


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